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Software for Amtor use

If you are looking for software that will work on soundcard for both Amtor FEC and ARQ ,
you may as well give up, there isnt any around.
However.. there are software that can be used as terminalprograms together with different types of modems.
Some are old DOS programs. Programs I have links to on this site are all Windows versions.

These are links for sites where you can obtain the software.

PKTerm (Must buy it)

XPWIN This is now Freeware.
Download Windows version and Windows registration program. Install software. Run registration and derive a registration code.
Enter the registration code under Setup, Station Information.

Logger 16bit version 7.09 (Freeware, for Windows 9x and up)

PA0NCs NcW95Pk (Freeware for W95/98)

Kantronics KAM+
XPWIN This is now Freeware.

MFJ Enterprises - MFJ-1278(B)
Problems finding dedicated software, as Multicom has been discontinued by producer.
Dave N4EF has recommended RCKRtty for the 1278 TNC.

ICS LTD - AMT-1 and AMT-2
Windows 3.1 Terminal program. A "Dumb" terminal program with programable soft(F)keys.
Download program (145 kB)
Download HELP file (36 kB)
Download Terminal program for AMT-2 (DOS version) courtesy of Cor A6/A92DU(57 kB)

There may well be other programs that works well with any of these modems.
It you have suggestions, please let me know via an e-mail.


Geir T. Christiansen - LA5ZO